Freeing Seismic Data for Machine Learning with OSDU Platform

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Machine learning (ML) significantly reduces seismic data processing and interpretation time, improves overall data quality, and empowers multi-purpose data exploration. Additionally, when combined with other cutting-edge technologies, ML is also used for predicting horizons, channels, and faults.

SoftServe has a dedicated, global team of ML experts dedicated to the success of our enterprise Energy, Oil & Gas clients. We are proud members of—and contributors to—The Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe™ Forum (OSDU).

Our team is focused on solving the most pressing exploration challenges, including:

  • Processing large volumes of seismic data and reusing the processed data
  • Improving data quality by removing noise and filling gaps with predictive data generated by ML
  • Predicting horizons, channels, and faults
  • Matching seismic surveys to existing data for multi-purpose data exploration

OSDU is developing a standard data platform with a central focus on subsurface and wells data. Cloud native and scalable, integrated, and accessible—the OSDU platform lays the foundation for further enhancement and interpretation of subsurface and wells data with the help of machine learning.

Providing a standard for the industry, OSDU addresses ingestion, discovery, enrichment, security, governance, and many other tasks. But before an enterprise can reap platform benefits, a working environment must be established and data must be ingested.

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Establishing the environment is quite simple as all the major cloud providers support the OSDU standard. Ingesting data is a longer process, however. OSDU supports several options that are available to you to choose from:


The system will treat your data as a “black box” taking care of everything else while you decide what to do with your data and files.


Out of the box OSDU already knows how to work with most of the industry standard ingestion strategies. So, if you are, for example, just ingesting well-log data in ‘las’ format—simply describe your data to the system, and you are all set.


Even if your company is actually working with a highly-specific data format like OpenVDS or ZGY—there is a good chance that your datatype is still supported all cloud providers can support them and the OSDU system will manage the data appropriately.


If you have a unique data standard—or if for some reason your data standard is not supported—you can add this strategy to the system using its workflow engine.

Whichever option (or combination) you chose, you shouldn’t face any significant challenges, if any at all.

Once your data ingestion process is established, it’s time to start using the data. You can deploy an application side-by-side with the new OSDU instance, access the data via Search API (and pull it for future investigation), or even connect the data to a 3rd party application.

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By providing time and resource savings, the OSDU Platform enables enterprises to focus on truly differentiating business activities, while developing workflows such as geological reservoir modeling, simulation, and management.

SoftServe is among very few companies world-wide who has not just experience working with this new platform, but full-cycle experience with every part of the system. We’ve been involved with OSDU on every step of the process – from designing and implementing the system’s core, provider implementations and workflow engine to application development and integration.

SoftServe is one of very few companies with this depth of OSDU expertise. We’re one of only three companies to have integrated apps with an OSDU perspective. Not only do we know how to prepare and ingest this data, but we are global leaders in application development.

In our latest whitepaper ML FOR Seismic Data , we described how to apply machine learning algorithms to data de-noising and in-painting, predict horizons/channels and faults, tie wells log data to seismic surveys, and more.

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The OSDU Platform serves as an ideal data lake for such workflows. As an OSDU Silver Partner, SoftServe can deploy this platform for your company on any cloud—as well as develop custom applications on top of it.

Contact SoftServe today to learn more about OSDU, and discuss where you are in your Oil & Gas digital journey.