by  Vitalii Bashun

Real-World Cases for Smart Analytics with Google Cloud

Built on advanced algorithms, Google Cloud smart analytics solutions enable users to find answers hidden deep in their data, creating a competitive and impactful edge for businesses. Combined with cutting edge technology, Google Cloud allows near-real time analysis for optimal business decisions based on current data.

Leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and big data capabilities—smart analytics solutions augment decision-making, drive organizational change, catalyze digital transformation, and increase customer loyalty. To learn more, read Let’s Talk with Google Cloud to better understand the benefits and pitfalls of smart analytics.

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In order to convey the importance of smart analytics solutions it’s vital to first establish a fundamental trust in the value and reliability of data as well as surrounding technologies.

Let's look at two use cases in which our clients successfully implemented a smart analytics solution on Google Cloud.


Use case #1: IT monitoring on Google Cloud using ML

Our client is a leader in software-defined IT operations that collects machine data to build real-time IT service models for ML algorithms to predict and eliminate outages in hybrid IT environments.

The model reduces downtime and IT spend, but to remain competitive—and reaffirm their position as a recognized Gartner market guide for AI Operations platforms—the company needed to move clients from on-premises to Google Cloud, while implementing the ML solution.

Rapid migration was crucial due to the high running costs of the legacy application. To improve the experience for our client's end-users, SoftServe—a Top 10 Google Cloud Premier Partner—built and configured a migration wizard tool.

The tool allows users to configure and perform migrations seamlessly within a short time frame. Without the Wizard, end-users need to recreate the entire structure manually, while losing all historical data.

Worse yet, the manual process took months to complete. Instead, our Google Cloud solution allowed client users immediate access to information, as well as reporting on potential data losses or interruptions.

Use Case #2: Retailer proves ROI with Google Cloud and Analytics Dashboard

As the market leader in home furnishings, Shoptelligence is a proven solution to help retailers increase average order value (AOV) and customer lifetime value (CLV), increasing ticket size by over 30%, and tripling repeat visits.

Shoptelligence's clients needed to see ROI from AI modules to retain current clients (and leverage success to attract new ones), while Shoptelligence required increased knowledge of its vast amounts of collected data—to implement A/B testing and create automated reports.

SoftServe used Google Cloud data analytics dashboards showing live KPIs for measuring module value. Daily use of complex and computationally heavy data transformations constructed meaningful KPIs from raw data.

The metrics were broken down by shopper segments based on interactions with the AI modules. Google Cloud smart analytics helped the client analyze large amounts of raw data, impossible to interpret by employees alone.

Shoptelligence clients were able to validate the usefulness of data and the output the AI-modules provided—increasing KPIs and business value in real-time, with higher customer satisfaction.

Brand is no longer what a company says it is. Brand is what customers say it is. To create positive band perception for competitive differentiation, fan building, and advocacy—genuinely personalized experiences are a must. Smart Analytics are prerequisite to delivering such experiences in the crowded, digital marketplace.

With thousands of successful enterprise projects completed, SoftServe has been a trusted cloud and smart analytics partner to the most innovative and respected software and enterprise companies globally. In fact, we're #1 in the world for most individual Google Cloud certifications and specializations.

Contact SoftServe today and let’s discuss how Google Cloud can empower your brand, wherever you are on the smart analytics journey.

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