by  Georgi Bilyukov

Sitecore Commerce Series: Exploring Reference Storefront

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Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 comes along with a sample solution which is supposed to be used as a reference: Sitecore Reference Storefront Powered by Sitecore Commerce.

The last update package ( which is part of the Commerce installation package contains the sample web store. Once you install the update package and the two Sitecore packages with the images:

  • Adventure Works

You will have the Storefront shop installed on your Sitecore instance.

The source code of the Storefront implementation is available on GitHub:

When you are cloning the repository make sure you are using the appropriate release for your Sitecore Commerce version:

You can find two different solution files in the repository:



While Commerce.Storefront stores the controllers, this project contains mostly the models constructed by the controllers.

There are some utils helpers, extension methods and other more common managers in the Common project as well.


The common settings project, which is a web project as well, focuses on the front-end of the application. It contains the View files, the CSS and JavaScript files.


The Commerce Storefront solution is not structured in the best possible way (even the file structure is misleading) but it gives a really good overview for the features for Commerce Engine and Commerce Connect module. All the available code examples help developers to get real idea of Sitecore Commerce and its API. A new version of the Storefront solution will be released together with Sitecore Commerce 9.