by  Volodymyr Davydenko

The Case for Anthos

Anthos by Google Cloud has received a lot of buzz since its unveiling at last year’s NEXT conference—marking Google’s official entry into the enterprise data center space.

Anthos is not simply a product, but rather, is an umbrella for numerous services to empower app modernization, migration, hybrid, and multi-cloud management. What fundamentally sets Anthos apart from others is its foundational technology rooted in containers and Kubernetes (K8).

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It was rightly noted by subject matter experts across the tech space that Anthos represents a serious run by Google at enterprise incumbents. Given its relatively nascent release, it’s understandable why there are those who remain skeptical.

While being enterprise-ready is a journey—not a destination—having Cisco and VMware executive endorsement (and collaborative integrations) makes a strong statement for Google Cloud and Anthos adoption.

There is great financial benefit to early adopters as well.

Forrester states that Anthos customers can expect an average 4.8x ROI within three years of adoption. This means that enterprises can see a savings of up to $42.8M by leveraging Anthos according to the Total Economic Impact of Anthos report.

While others may speak to Anthos potential in theory, SoftServe was proud to be a part of Anthos Alpha, Beta, and testing projects—and we delivered the first Anthos project in the United States for a global retail leader in music technology and instruments.

Case Study

SoftServe was contracted to leverage our expertise to overcome technical challenges that prevented optimal Anthos adoption and integration.

We enabled our client’s team to use Anthos/GKE On-prem as main workload orchestration platform, configured central identity management, and we provided a DevOps assessment report on tool set and practices improvement to guide future implementation.

SoftServe empowered our client to automate, streamline, and simplify key IT and business processes. We consolidated and centralized siloed technology and information, and we delivered a road map for ongoing Anthos success based on our assessment of current tools and practices.

Services delivered to our client included:

  • Cluster sizing
  • Integration with AD+ADFS
  • Secrets management integration
  • CI/CD workshop
  • Load balancing
  • DevOps assessment

We provided single sign-on user access (AD + ADFS), a hands-on workshop for continuous integration and deployment (CI-CD), security integration for digital authentication credential management (secrets), reduced overhead of on-disk data management (cluster sizing), and improved distribution of workloads across multiple sources (load balance).

SoftServe & Google: Better Together

Founded in 1993, SoftServe is a top 10 global Google Cloud Premiere Partner and #1 for individual certifications and specializations. We have 1,000+ engineers with cloud experience, 600+ Google Cloud architects and data engineers, an extensive history with GKE On-prem and Istio. We already have 11 Anthos-trained and solutions-ready engineers—with plans to double our team in 2020—and we have an Anthos Hybrid Architecture Lab at our Center of Excellence (CoE).

App modernization alone (what Anthos is already known for by most) delivers greater efficiency, productivity, and accelerates app development with much needed standardization. You can read more about app modernization in our latest whitepaper featuring an interview with a SoftServe Anthos and app modernization SME.

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As we’ve presented here, however, Anthos is more than just an app modernization solution.

Google Kubernetes Engine remains the best platform for running microservices, and it is the heart of Anthos. That, combined with Cisco, Citrix, VMware, Apigee, MongoDB (and more than a dozen other ISV integrations) position Anthos to not only increase confidence in the cloud-native ecosystem, but to become the preferred platform for enterprise workloads.

Contact SoftServe today and let’s talk about how Google Anthos can accelerate your enterprise digital journey.