by  Ruslan Kusov

Invest in the Best: Why AWS Validated Partner Services Deliver Better Results

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We’re living in a world of both rising costs and rising expectations to deliver more. Optimizing your current infrastructure would move your company forward. But you walk a fine line as any new investment will be scrutinized, and their ROI must be readily apparent.

At this point, despite your need to modernize, you may feel stuck. You certainly don’t want to waste money on a solution that won’t deliver. But you also know that while your current system could continue to limp along, that isn’t ideal either. Not innovating means you’ll be overtaken by competitors. And while you wait, you end up wasting not just your team’s time and efforts, but likely money as well.

Even when you’ve narrowed your selection to AWS, their 100,000+ AWS partners mean no one has the time to go through every single one. Plus, how can you accurately assess which partners can work with you comprehensively from start to finish? You need to find a partner that can deliver the right solution for your needs quickly without compromising quality.

AWS Deliver Better Results


AWS recognized this challenge and that’s why it extended its AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) to partner services. Previously, the FTR only focused on identifying and remediating any risks for AWS Partner software. Now, FTR is being applied to service offerings as well.

To successfully complete the FTR, each partner offering must be validated and meet specific AWS foundational criteria. This includes assessing the partner’s technical capabilities in everything from security and risk mitigation to employee expertise. In addition, it requires evaluating the partner’s “customer-facing capabilities [such as] project management, solution implementation, and outcome assessment.”

Only if a partner’s service offering meets these high standards will it be shown as validated by AWS on the partner’s page of the Partner Solutions Finder (PSF).


SoftServe’s status as a Premier Services Partner and extensive AWS background and experience are key reasons that AWS selected us as the first pilot partner for FTR for service offerings. We used this process to help us assess our most mature service offering — SoftServe’s App Modernization Platform. We wanted to ensure we delivered to our customers the right foundation for modernization.

The FTR allowed our team to improve this offering, making it fully end-to-end and scalable. This platform as a service (PaaS) lets you focus on your product and not the platform it’s on. You’ll differentiate yourself faster, increase your ROI, decrease your delivery time, and reduce your time to market up to 5x for new services and features. It even lowers cloud infrastructure costs by up to 30%.

Reduce your Time

Currently, we stand with only 17 total partners worldwide who have had their service offerings validated through FTR.

Now when you’re faced with needing to innovate but want to be sure any investment you make will deliver, you can feel confident that solutions like SoftServe’s App Modernization Platform are validated by AWS. Since this offering covers everything from the Accelerator stage — with a no-risk Containers Maturity Assessment — to the Operations stage with a modernized platform tailored for your needs and business challenges, you’ll see results faster.

Are you ready to get more done, better control your costs, and increase your ROI? Let’s talk about how your business can benefit when you implement an AWS-validated solution from SoftServe.