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by Leonard Reese Jan 21, 2020

Experience Design Software Development

Design Thinking Methodology

Design Thinking celebrates ingenuity and progress, and at SoftServe we have adapted the guiding principles into a framework that works for our demanding software development projects.

by Maciej Miłosz Jan 15, 2020

DXP Salesforce Software Development

Speed up Your Unit Test Using Stub API

Insights into how to create a workable mocking framework with Stub API

by Oleksandr Vashchenko Jan 13, 2020

DevOps & Cloud DXP Salesforce Software Development

Salesforce Continuous Integration

Continuous integration empowers teams to detect and locate errors faster.

by Ruslan Kusov Dec 24, 2019

DevOps & Cloud Software Development

Profitable micro-SaaS

Large, mature enterprises often understand many of the benefits received from a SaaS model—and transform operations accordingly.

by Valentyn Tymku Dec 10, 2019

Software Development

Successfully Develop SaaS Storage Strategies with AWS

When implementing a successful strategy, the developed SaaS solution must align with the storage technologies that best match the company’s storage needs.

by Ruslan Kusov Dec 06, 2019

DevOps & Cloud Software Development

Cloud as an Important Part of SaaS

Today, Software as a Service (SaaS) is not only about large businesses and enterprise companies. Micro SaaS is becoming a growing trend in the software world.

by Oleksii Bilogurov Dec 06, 2019

DevOps & Cloud Software Development

Talking to Programs: Serverless Architecture for Chatbots

Build chatbots with serverless computing.

by Maryna Imshenetska, Pavlo Doichyk Oct 21, 2019

Software Development

Deliver Greater Value with Hybrid Integration

How SoftServe implemented JIRA services with Microsoft teams for improved collaboration.

by Iurii Milovanov Oct 16, 2019

IoT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML Software Development

Software Testing Using AI

AI bringing a new dimension to software testing.

by Taras Bachynskyy Aug 08, 2019

Data & Analytics Software Development

Building a Software Data Strategy

Foundational steps to creating a strong big data strategy.

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