By Iurii Regeda, Sudheer GopalamJul 13, 2020
Cloud & DevOpsDXPGoogle CloudSoftware Development

Anthos + Apigee: 4 Lessons Learned

Four critical lessons learned from an early adopter of Google’s Anthos and Apigee Hybrid.

  5 min read
By Viktoriya Tsytsak, Eugene KlymenkoJun 01, 2020
DXPSalesforceSoftware Development

CPQ for More Effective Selling

How Salesforce CPQ simplifies complex sales processes for improved efficiency and profitability.

  4 min read
By Tomasz JuranekMar 26, 2020
DXPIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLRetail

How to Use Augmented Reality (AR) with Sitecore Commerce

Connect the physical and digital worlds with AR for Sitecore commerce.

  2 min read
By Yaroslav KlochnykJan 30, 2020
DXPSoftware Development

The Benefits of Integration Platforms

Dive deeper into Integration Platforms (iPaaS), their capabilities, and advantages over existing implementation approaches.

  5 min read
By Maciej MiłoszJan 15, 2020
DXPSoftware Development

Speed up your Unit Test using Stub API

Insights into how to create a workable mocking framework with Stub API

  7 min read
By Oleksandr VashchenkoJan 13, 2020
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Salesforce Continuous Integration

Continuous integration empowers teams to detect and locate errors faster.

  4 min read
By Maja LewocNov 05, 2019

Using Salesforce to Improve Onboarding for New Sales Hires

How Salesforce can help companies overcome onboarding challenges and bring new sales professionals up to speed.

  4 min read
By Michaella PeshevaSep 24, 2019

The Right DXP for Software

How to choose the right digital experience platform for your software company.

  5 min read
By Michaella PeshevaSep 10, 2019

Why Software Needs DXP

Digital experience platforms address common challenges for software companies.

  5 min read