By Oleksandr BerchenkoJul 22, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Setup Cassandra + Spark + Tableau (including DSE 5.0)

Here's how to configure Cassandra + Spark + Tableau including DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 5.0

  22 min read
By Oleksandra KlevetsJun 27, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Running Cassandra with Cloudera Manager

Here're the benefits of Cassandra and CDH integration that can be deployed and managed through Cloudera Manager.

  3 min read
By Vitalii BashunApr 29, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Installing Hadoop Cluster with Cloudera Manager

How fast and easy it may be to install Hadoop cluster with Cloudera Manager.

  9 min read
By Oleksandra KlevetsApr 20, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Enabling TLS Level 1 Encryption for Cloudera Manager

How to configure TLS Level 1 encryption for Cloudera Manager with self-signed certificate.

  4 min read
By Valentyn KropovFeb 03, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Configuring Kerberos for Cloudera’s Hadoop Distribution (CDH)

Here's a step by step guideline to configure Kerberos in Cloudera’s Hadoop Distribution (CDH).

  4 min read
By Ostap ElyashevskyyAug 19, 2015
Quality ManagementSoftware Development

Automated Performance Testing of Desktop Applications

Here’s a detailed guideline to testing the performance of Windows desktop applications.

  4 min read
By Roman PavlyukNov 28, 2014
Software Development

Six Steps to Improving IT Operational Efficiency

Here’s how to improve IT operational efficiency to expand into new markets, reduce expenses, and increase margins.

  1 min read