by  Amy Foster-Tingey

Anthos for Telecom - to the Edge or Over It???

Google Cloud Partner

Back in March, Google Cloud unveiled their strategy for the telecommunications industry which included the announcement of Anthos for Telecom. Given the world-wide focus on the pandemic, there was little fanfare for the launch. Perhaps I am biased because Telecom is my favorite vertical, but Anthos for Telecom deserved more publicity. Especially taking into consideration that of all the public-clouds, Google has the biggest Telecom chops, think Android & Pixel.

Anthos for Telecom

With this announcement comes great emphasis on creating telecommunications solutions and frameworks by both Google and their partner network centered around three strategic areas-

1. Monetize 5G/Edge as a business services platform 2. Engage customers through data-driven experiences 3. Drive operational efficiency

George Nazi, VP of TME Solutions gave great insight into these three strategic focus areas in his Next OnAir session “Accelerating Telecom Growth”. If you haven’t registered for Next OnAir yet, click here to do so.


Anthos logo

Anthos for Telecom provides a single platform to manage 5G, Edge and multi-cloud services. This new member of the Google Cloud Anthos family, will bring its Anthos cloud application platform to the network edge, allowing telecommunications companies to run their applications wherever it makes the most sense.

Much like Android provided an open platform for mobile-centric applications, Anthos for Telecom—based on open-source Kubernetes—will provide a similar open platform for network-centric applications. Simply put, Anthos is to cloud, what Android is to mobile. They both offer:

Ecosystem of developers & applications
Open APIs
Global availability
Global availability

I’m sure we are all wondering the same thing- “Google built it, but will the Telecoms come?”

Valid question but here are 3 reasons why, I believe the odds are in their favor-

8 of the Top 10 Telecoms are current Google customers and business partners. There is precedence for joint GTM engagement and success so that bodes well for 5G monetization projects.
Apigee- the long-time API management tool of practically every global Telecom provider. Telecoms are loyal to the core to Apigee, when it comes to API monetization use cases. Read More: Apigee Telco Innovation with APIs. Google has a solid Anthos+Apigee solution play already in the market. Apigee Hybrid, which recently went GA comes OOTB with Anthos. This allows a relative easy path for Anthos via API management, which should be a big source of new revenue.
Ability to leverage the existing Google network. Google Cloud can partner with telecommunications companies to rapidly enable a global distributed edge by leveraging thousands of edge locations that are already deployed in these telecom networks.

As one of the few partners who support Anthos, Apigee and Google Cloud, #SoftServe is starting to see a lot of interest in these three technologies as part of a greater overall solution, especially within the TME vertical. If you are interested in better understanding API monetization in hybrid or multi-cloud environments, Let's Talk.