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Your professional growth is empowered by the flexible promotion ladder. Want to know more? Join our team of top professionals.

Abiliton Certification

The developed certification shifts from theoretical knowledge to the real-job based concept— your experience and quality of work are recognized from the start. Our unique approach to software development is based on the effective teamwork of highly qualified professionals, use of agile methodology, and advanced technologies. Everything you do is valuable and contributes to your growth as a professional.

  • QC Engineer
  • Project manager
  • Architect
  • Business analyst
  • Onboarding & Adaptation
    Newcomer's Onboarding journey starts way ahead of their first day at SoftServe. We provide a balanced onboarding agenda to equip you with knowledge of Company culture, values, standards and procedures, corporate governance and business ethics, internal resources and career opportunities available etc. Within the onboarding space each newcomer can review the entire onboarding roadmap and get detailed guidance just in time.
  • Engagement & Involvement
    Our continuous approach to employee feedback provides an open line of communication between employees and leadership. We run quarterly anonymous surveys to measure employee satisfaction, where SoftServe associates share their feedback and we turn that feedback into action.
  • Talent Development

    SoftServe maintains a system of solid requirements to each job profile, as well as a powerful system of recognizing achievements. Our base and variable pay rewards together with benefits (like health insurance or gym coverage) comprise the compensation package aiming to consistently reward your contribution, yet we offer much more than that. 

    We have developed career path for all career directions and developed outstanding learning and development environment to allow the associates clearly plot their career trajectory, understand what is required to move up the ladder and build a competitive edge to achieve the career objectives. Moreover, you can bounce not only between career directions, but management and technical path as well. 

  • Performance evaluation can be initiated several times per year depending on a position-level and results in feedback provided to an employee on competencies and goals achievement, recommendations for development, as well as setting of future goals. As part of a promotion process, knowledge evaluation, external certifications and foreign language evaluation may be requested by an associate. 

    Learning opportunities for unveiling potential and developing the most relevant functional and cross-functional competencies are implemented in the most up-to-date and effective formats. We are constantly sharing our knowledge and experience through open training courses and activities, mentoring and coaching programs, e-learnings and certifications. 

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