Empowering Communities

A society is stronger than an individual. As such, business is stronger when the companies of one industry synergize efforts to create a mutually beneficial environment. We collaborate with local business, technology, and industry organizations, as well as local authorities and software communities to bring positive changes to the global IT environment. We also create the most effective models for business-education collaboration in IT via co-founding and active partnership programs.
  • Membership In Associations
    One of industry leaders, SoftServe plays an active role in a number of organizations that share common business interests. We are committed to create long-term strategic partnerships to share resources and expertise, and achieve mutual goals.
  • Pro Bono Projects

    SoftServe associates eagerly contribute to projects with profound social impact by sharing our expertise, skills and dedicating their time. The latest projects delivered pro bono are:

  • Building a Strong IT Industry
    SoftServe is committed to making consistent and sustainable efforts to improve the IT sector and strengthen IT communities in the regions where it operates. In addition to 150 educational events the company organizes annually, SoftServe promotes IT on an international scale—in particular presenting the Ukrainian IT industry at the World Economic Forum in Davos to help establish systematic changes in the cities of the company’s operations.
  • Open Source Projects

    Launching Open Source Platform at SoftServe has been simply a matter of time—we’ve always been committed to going extra and creating projects with added social or business value. By growing this initiative locally, we help associates to advance in their careers, team up with like-minded people to work on a social initiative or business task or tackle their on-project pain point. Join our Open Source platform.

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