Charity Fund "Open Eyes"

SoftServe provided financial support for different initiatives and NGOs
“Open Eyes” Charity Fund was founded to provide systematic and global help to those in need
in 2014


Our mission is to support country development as well as those who are actively making their future better today by implementing creative ideas and initiatives backed by collaborative support.

Finished projects






UAH Raised



active projects

  • Create a favorable environment for employees to positively change the world through acts of kindness​
  • Share best practices of charitable initiative implementation with other companies​
  • Actively develop cities, create opportunities, and new perspectives for those who need it most
  • Implement innovations and up-to-date solutions for improvement of public services and quality of life​

How it works

  • Employee generates the idea
  • The Fund team reviews the idea and launches the project on the website for fundraising
  • We help facilitate charitable donations and partner support​
  • The projects we implement have numerous beneficial effects and influence many lives
  • Missional emphasis must be on change through self-empowerment
  • Funds are delivered directly to the desired product or project (not to individuals)
  • We support hands-on change, not brand awareness or promotional initiatives

Project Areas

  • Military aid
  • Education for orphans
  • Infrastructure development
  • Healthcare
  • Ecology and environment
  • Community development projects