SoftServe + Google Cloud Meet-Up: Reimagine Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architecture with Anthos (Boston)


Jun 04, 2019


Google Cambridge - Boston, MA

Enterprises and start-ups frequently experience issues associated with cloud-based storage, such as unknown public security and managed services. Conversely, on-premise data centers are expensive, difficult to maintain and support, with slow build times. To decrease potential risks, companies should look to hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.


Using Anthos, companies can transform their architectural approach without compromising security or increasing complexity. Learn how to reimagine current methods of building hybrid and multi-cloud architecture with Anthos by Google.

Join SoftServe and Google Cloud for our meet-up, where we’ll show you how Anthos and other GCP services can simplify your product life-cycle.

The focus of the interactive demonstration includes:

  • Designing infrastructure for a client’s services in GCP and an on-premise data center
  • Setup of environments using Google Kubernetes Engine and GKE On-Prem
  • Configuration of Istio on GKE and launch of the demo application
  • A demonstration of A/B testing with a vote for the final production design of the hybrid cross-environment application (using audience input)

During the interactive session, attendees will be introduced to Anthos, become familiar with the application features, and receive a demonstration of the above tactics. Anthos allows users to spend less time managing applications, with less cost, while giving users greater awareness, consistency, and control.

Prior to the session, attendees are encouraged to think of potential use cases such as modern hybrid and multi-cloud architecture, cloud infrastructure, and managed services. Be sure to join us for this exciting and informative session.



Ruslan Kusov-DevOps Architect, Critical Services

Ruslan has more than 9 years of experience in the IT industry as a System Administrator, Network Engineer, DevOps/SRE, and DevOps Architect. He has created and optimized architecture for global tourism, payment services, and mobile development companies. 

His extensive background includes: Google (GCP), Amazon (AWS) and other cloud platforms, Java/Web application platforms, IAC and provisioning tools, NoSQL/SQL DB management, on-premises virtualization, Kubernetes, and CI/CD systems.

He is a Certified Google Cloud Professional Architect and award winner of: 

  1. DevOps Engineer of the Year 2018 by Computing's DevOps Excellence Awards - United Kingdom
  2. Ukrainian IT Awards - DevOps of the year 2018

Ruslan leads cloud domains in SoftServe’s Critical Services-Center of Excellence (CoE) group. He also mentors rising SRE engineers, through educational workshops and informal knowledge sharing sessions. Additionally, he leads research and onboarding of new cloud services and technologies for the CoE unit.


Anton Grishko-DevOps Architect, Critical Services

Anton Grishko is a DevOps architect for Critical Services at SoftServe. He has 12 years of experience working as a System Administrator, DevOps Architect, and Head of DevOps. His main specialization is migration projects with zero downtime.  

Anton has helped to establish a DevOps culture in multiple Fortune 100 companies as well as several Silicon Valley startups.  

Anton has production experience working with on-premises, GCP, AWS, Azure, and Digital Ocean clouds with a passion for GitlabCI, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, Ansible, Jinja, ELK, Prometheus/Grafana, and NodeJS.


Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Google Cambridge (Room: DNA)
355 Main St.
Floor #12
Cambridge, MA 02142


5:30 PM – Doors Open
6:00 PM – Presentation + Q&A
7:00 PM – Networking Reception

About Google

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