The Energy Sector

SoftServe Expertise Powering Digital Transformation Across the Energy Value Chain

As a technology partner and solution provider,

we're committed to helping energy companies accelerate their digital transformations, enabling them to access actionable insights that drive their innovations. Explore our expertise in various energy subsegments and discover how we can help transform the energy industry. Click on the sections below to learn more.

Industry Focus

Industry Focus

  • Oil and Gas

    Accelerate Digital Reinvention with a Reliable Oil and Gas Consulting Partner

    SoftServe helps tackle some of the most pressing challenges in the oil and gas industry, from reducing methane emissions to ensuring asset integrity, from subsurface data management to optimizing artificial lift systems. Our innovative solutions help optimize oil production efficiency and improve the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately delivering substantial returns on investments.

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  • Utilities

    Fundamentally Transforming Energy Generation, Transmission, and Distribution for a Brighter Future

    SoftServe provides expert utility consulting and engineering services — supporting the design, operation, and maintenance of the grid that utilities perform every day. Our partnership helps utilities adapt to the new era of electrification and distributed energy resources (DERs), equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate the intricacies of integrating renewable energy. Through our expertise and innovative solutions, utility enterprises can deliver exceptional customer experiences, fostering ongoing success and growth.

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