SoftServe and Mikroelektronika will introduce an electronic ticket in Lviv


On December 16, the Lviv City Council announced tender results for the e-ticket service development.

The winner is the Czech-Ukrainian consortium of Mikroelektronika spol s r.o., and SoftServe - Municipal Technologies LLC. The project is being implemented with the financial and consulting support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Czech Mikroelektronika is an expert in the e-ticketing equipment and systems production and has successfully implemented this service not only in the Czech Republic but also in several countries in Europe, Asia and South America. At the same time, SoftServe is the largest global IT company with Ukrainian roots, providing consulting and software development services to hundreds of companies in the US and EU.

SoftServe will be involved in a range of software service management and mobile/web applications development for city dwellers within this project.

“The e-ticket is simple only by its name. In fact, it is a comprehensive solution for public transport management and travel billing, which involves creating the necessary infrastructure for both the vehicle fleet (trackers, validators), city dwellers (website and mobile application, ticket vending machines) and, in fact, cities and transporters”, said Andriy Saturskyy, Head of SoftServe LMR Information Systems Development Team. “We are currently preparing to sign a contract that will provide details on the stages, project timing and move on to working on the system."

Lviv e-ticket will work by the Account-Based principle: all travel information will be stored on the server and in the resident’s accounts. Due to the fact that all transporters will be integrated into one system, it will be much easier for residents not only to pay for travel but also to plan their trips. After all, the mobile application will also allow to track the traffic, create the best route etc. At the same time, Lviv residents will be able to pay for their travel using a mobile application, smartwatch, bank card or a QR code.

Eletronic Ticket

In addition, the e-ticket will make the transporter interacting process more transparent: as for now the compensates system is running by the data provided by the transporters themselves. At the same time, the e-ticket will allow collecting accurate data on how many passengers on favourable terms (pensioners, students) are using public transport in a certain period of time.

"E-ticket is a digital transformation of all public transport in the city as this service allows to analyze a huge amount of data, ranging from real-time traffic information to passenger traffic, loading on specific routes, etc.," says Oleh Denys, SoftServe Vice President. "All this will allow the city authorities to understand the real situation with the city's transportation system and respond promptly to urgent issues."

As one of the important and necessary components of a smart city system, e-ticket can also be combined with other personal residents cards, such as a Lviv card.

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