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SoftServe Colombia opens its new office in Medellín, Antioquia


BOGOTÁ, Colombia (November 1st, 2023) – SoftServe announced the official opening of its office in Colombia to continue boosting the country's IT industry. Since its arrival in March 2022, the company has focused on leading actions and initiatives aimed at generating more employment, formalizing the sector, educating tech talent, generating environments that enhance technology and innovation.

The new office is located in 'Ciudad del Río' sector of Medellín, Antioquia, one of the most representative business and industrial areas of the city. This new headquarters, which has an area of 800 m2, has interactive rooms and recreational spaces from where the projects for global companies will be executed. The office was designed to reflect Colombian culture and the company's vision of the world, and features murals created in collaboration with Colombian artist Sara Hoyos.

"Our offices today are designed as collaborative spaces, equipped with all the necessary resources to continue to empower the talent of our SoftServians and contribute to the growth of Colombian society. Although today we work with a hybrid model, we highly value collaboration and teamwork. For this reason, we have invested in creating a comfortable and innovative environment, where communication and ideas can flow freely," - explained John Howard, Vice President, Country Manager of SoftServe Colombia. - "So, in this space, which we officially opened, we have 39 workstations, 5 meeting rooms, 6 phone rooms, 1 meditation room, 6 standing desks, 1 learning classroom, coffee bar, gaming room and collaborative areas where creativity and interaction between teams are the protagonists."

SoftServe Colombia currently directly employs close to 200 people located in 17 departments of the country, from La Guajira and Cesar to Huila, Meta, and Tolima. In this sense and convinced that Colombian talent is key to social transformation and the construction of the future, the company plans to increase its number of employees by 66% in 2024, thus boosting the IT industry through employment opportunities in competitive work environments.

One of the reasons for choosing Medellin as the first city in Colombia to open SoftServe offices is that, according to data from the Medellin Cooperation and Investment Agency (ACI), with the arrival of $836 million in foreign investment, Medellin has become an attractive destination for many international IT companies seeking to expand their business in the country, as they find in the city a growing market for technology services, as well as qualified and motivated talent, favorable business regulations and a strategic geographic location. From Medellin, as a Special District of Science, Technology and Innovation, the development of the IT sector is boosted in the country, which is currently positioned as the fourth largest in Latin America and, according to data from Fedesoft and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is made up of around 11,000 companies and valued at approximately 10 billion dollars.

"Recently EFY Colombia recognized us as the best company to work for in the country for young professionals, not only in the tech sector but also among all industries in the country, this motivates us to continue growing and impacting lives from stable and diverse work environments, based on collaborative work, continuous improvement, personal and professional growth, gender equity, diversity and inclusion," concluded Howard.

In this way, from its operations in the country and hand in hand with highly qualified Colombian talent, SoftServe expects to continue serving the needs of elite companies worldwide. Similarly, it will continue working to energize the IT industry with a differential value proposition in the market that allows the economic transformation of the country and boost its growth from innovation, science, and technology.

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