SoftServe Helps OBH Use Big Data and Analytics to Measure Health in Diabetes

SoftServe developed Sense360 smartphone app for Outcomes Based Healthcare

OBH (Outcomes Based Healthcare), a company helping to revolutionize incentive models for healthcare providers, partnered with SoftServe to develop the Sense360 smartphone app, which offers a scalable, reliable, and reproducible method of finding behavioral patterns correlated with wellness among patients with diabetes.

The OBH Sense360 app leverages the fact that a smartphone is capable of collecting an incredible amount of data about its user, and when people are sick or unhappy, they interact differently with their phones. Combining the behavioral science with advanced technology, OBH and SoftServe found a way to get patient data both actively and passively, which could truly revolutionize and accelerate the transition to value-based healthcare.

“We knew that we needed a very experienced and strong team of technology experts, who are both analytical and innovative. We were happy to find this partnership with SoftServe,” explained Dr. Nasrin Hafezparast, CTO and Co-Founder OBH. “SoftServe did more than just develop a smartphone app, they worked with us as a partnership, taking our research, approach to outcomes measurement and vision, and making it a reality, and even added their own accelerator to the mix.”

SoftServe developed a smartphone app that gathers, stores, and analyzes incredible amounts of data using machine learning algorithms. This included building the front and back end of a native Android application that could both gather PRO data through a well-designed, usable interface, and also gather large volumes of sensor data in the background. The app provides an additional scalable source of revenue for OBH and positions them as an industry leader in health outcomes measurement. In addition to building the app and integrating the code with the Funf framework, SoftServe also worked to reduce memory and battery consumption for smartphones taking part in the project.

Read the case study for more details.

“OBH is an innovative company that is pushing the healthcare boundaries by focusing on a truly outcomes based model. We are proud that our team were able to take OBH’s vision, research, and measurement approach, and turn it into the unique Sense360 app which will allow clinical staff to understand their patients in a holistic manner and find correlations within their behaviors.” said Alex Amelin, SVP Client Success, SoftServe.

For the development of the Sense360 app SoftServe has received the “Connected Mobility Solution of the Year” award at the 2016 European IT and Software Excellence awards, and was also shortlisted for NOA’s Professional Awards, Ovum’s On The Radar Awards and the DataCloud Awards.

About OBH

Outcomes Based Healthcare are experts in defining and measuring health outcomes. They offer specialist advice, tools and technology to help commissioners and providers make a reality of value-based healthcare strategies and outcomes-based contracts, tailored to specific populations and pathways.