SoftServe, "Open Eyes" and Kharkiv artist started fundraising for an ambulance


KHARKIV, Ukraine (November 23, 2023) - In honor of the 10th anniversary of SoftServe's development centre in Kharkiv, the Charity Fund “Open Eyes” launched a fundraising for an ambulance that will be handed over to the military. SoftServe will give away corporate branded merch created by Ukrainian brands and personally painted by the well-known Kharkiv artist, Hamlet Zinkivsky.

The target of the fundraising campaign is $10,000. Those money will be used for purchasing an ambulance for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. SoftServe will double this amount to provide the ambulance with necessary medical equipment according to the individual requests of the military unit.

"Kharkiv Development Center began its work in the turbulent year of 2013. Over these ten years together, we have experienced a lot together. Nevertheless, we didn’t stop doing our work, investing in the city's development, technical education, and in the development of the IT community. Kharkiv is truly a city of strength. And we want to mark the 10th anniversary of our DC by helping our military, handing them over a fully equipped ambulance," comments Gennadiy Bukshevalov, head of the Kharkiv development center at SoftServe.

Everyone can join the fundraising for the ambulance via this link. For this, you need to donate 500 UAH or more at once and leave a greeting message for the Kharkiv DC under this post. Six winners will be randomly selected on December 23.

Gamlet Zinkivsky is a Kharkiv-based artist known in Ukraine and beyond for his street art. In 2009 and 2011, he was among the finalists of the PinchukArtCentre Prize. In 2013, with Zhanna Kadyrova and Mykola Ridnyi, he represented Ukraine at the Venice Biennale. In 2018, he created illustrations for Serhii Zhadan's book "Antenna". Currently, the artist continues to paint the walls of war-affected areas of Kharkiv and the region and regularly helps the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"Ambulances are something that our soldiers constantly need. And especially the ambulances that have all the necessary equipment. We will grant such a vehicle to the military at the frontline in this region, in honor of the 10th anniversary of SoftServe's Kharkiv office. On this occasion, I personally painted three backpacks and three umbrellas, one of which is designed by Bob Basset. People carry these items while going out, and it looks like movable street art," commented the artist Gamlet Zinkivsky.

The ambulance will be part of "Open Eyes" global project "Drive for Life". Since February 2022, the fund has been purchasing ambulances worldwide and delivering them to critical frontline areas for Ukrainian defenders. The fund has handed over 150 ambulances and medical evacuation vehicles equipped with defibrillators, lung ventilation devices, oxygen concentrators, and other necessary equipment to the military.

Additionally, amidst the full-scale invasion, the Charity Fund "Open Eyes" proactively supported over 250 medical hospitals and units, delivering more than 700 tons of humanitarian aid. This aid includes over 42,000 boxes of medical supplies and 35,000 items of personal protective equipment.

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