SoftServe Takes Prize in Cisco and Google Cloud Challenge


Winning Hybrid Cloud submission describes public and private cloud functions to assemble computational throughput.

AUSTIN, Texas—Feb. 13, 2019SoftServe, a leading digital authority and consulting company, announces its A8 team won second place in the Cisco and Google Cloud Challenge. SoftServe’s winning submission described public and private cloud functions—as opposed to traditional supercomputing techniques—to assemble the computational throughput necessary to correctly analyze the data for building hybrid cloud applications.

SoftServe’s solution provides the data processing pipeline on the hybrid cloud via the function as a service (FaaS) platform and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services. The data is automatically taken by scientific equipment that is located around the globe and placed in the distributed object storage. From there, the data triggers an event-driven data processing pipeline, which in turn performs steps including analysis and Google Cloud data processing, as a part of the data ingestion process. After completion, an entry for the results is created in a distributed NoSQL database. From there, further processing is driven by data entry specialists using the application program interface (API), command-line interface (CLI), etc.

SoftServe’s solution is a Scientific Data Processing Subsystem implementation that modernizes the current approach of scientific data processing and data processing in general. It aims to reduce costs and scientific data processing time by moving to a cloud-based PaaS and FaaS model. This increases flexibility in integrating with partners and API integrators and unifies the data processing and ingestion from all third party channels.

To achieve this implementation, there must be a command line interface for managing, troubleshooting, and orchestrating function workflows. The online data store must be secure, and the system must be able to handle 25,000+ functions per day. Under this high load, the system must be able to successfully scale up and down to handle sporadic spikes in traffic with unparalleled reliability—99.99 SLA availability and automatic failover to a secondary region, with minimal service downtime for datacenters hosting the application.

“SoftServe is committed to helping our clients migrate systems, data, and applications to the cloud,” said Oleksiy Merkulov, vice president, client success at SoftServe. “Our team of experts gets the most out of cloud platforms by using advanced techniques in data management, experience design, cloud architecture, data security, regulatory compliance, infrastructure, technology, and business processes. We are honored to be recognized in the Cisco and Google Cloud Challenge for our innovative solution.”

Cisco and Google Cloud teamed up on the challenge to give partners and developers the opportunity to highlight their expertise in hybrid cloud, while leveraging the Cisco Container Platform (CCP) and GCP. Use cases were also provided for the challenge and included:

  • CCP applications calling a GCP service
  • Allowing a Google Cloud application using a CCP service for an on-premises service
  • Accessing network device data via Cisco Meraki while using Google Cloud services for analytics, dashboards, etc.

The challenge, which was open to Cisco partners, Google Cloud partners, and independent developers in the U.S. only, received hundreds of registrations and several final submissions. The submissions related to data aggregation, IoT, collaboration, customer service, energy management, and even weather and astronomical data collection at a high level.

Each submission was evaluated based on overall functional value of the application, UX design, and creativity.

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