SoftServe Revolutionizes Vehicle Security with Smart System for Biometric Authentication

BioLock ECG analysis system delivers continuous driver authentication and health monitoring

SoftServe, a global digital technology solutions provider, today announced BioLock, an electrocardiogram (ECG) biosensor analysis system for continuous driver authentication and health monitoring, a key IoT asset. The smart system ensures device-to-device communication between ECG biosensors embedded into a vehicle’s steering wheel and mobile devices to easily ‘recognize’ and monitor users with a simple touch.

As vehicle technology advances, so too must the security systems and processes put in place to protect the lives of drivers and vehicle operation. Factors such as theft, fatigue and ill-health all contribute to significant risk when operating vehicles. Incorporating real-time processing and biometric authentication, BioLock provides the world’s first ECG biosensor analysis system to proactively monitor the health of drivers and prevent vehicle theft.

“Safety and security are a top priority for Overhaul and our clients moving high value cargo,” explained Barry Conlon, CEO of Overhaul Group, a SoftServe partner that is hoping to integrate BioLock into its online marketplace for the commercial trucking industry in the future. “BioLock’s driver authentication technology aids our commitment to prevent cargo theft while keeping our driver’s safe.”


Verification based on ECG analysis has a number of important benefits compared to alternative authentication methods such as passwords, security cards, and fingerprint recognition. In addition to being easy-to-use, there is no requirement to remember or change passwords and an ECG is near-impossible to fake or spoof. The smart system can also be customized to meet the needs of any business or end-user needing to protect data or physical assets, including secure payment processing, bicycles, locking doors, mobile devices and laptops.

“In the current era of the Internet of Things, secure authentication is one of the main requirements for any smart system,” explained Juan Turruellas, EVP World Wide Business Development, SoftServe. “Our biometric authentication system will not only protect sensitive data, it can also protect a variety of corporate assets from theft, in this particular case, vehicle theft as unidentified users will be unable to start the engine.”

To learn more about BioLock read the blog here.