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Our Microsoft Financial Services Expertise

To meet industry expectations, financial services companies must manage data and risk when leveraging advanced technology to gain new insights and deliver truly personalized experiences for end customers.

They must also keep their business compliant and cost-efficient when scaling to new markets and growing new business streams.

Financial Services Solutions

Big Data Platform For Portfolio Trading

Enhance your marketing risk management activities with a one-of-a-kind solution that leverages Big Data and SoftServe’s technical competencies. Your market risk analysts will gain a new level of efficiency in their operational routines. You'll take your market risk assessments to a new standard of accuracy.

Smart Contracts And Security Assessment

Receive support in your journey with all ICO activities including the initial strategic and technical consulting, smart contracts development, and a smart contract security assessment.

Successful End-to-end Integration For Payment Processing

Take the load off your in-house team and create extra capacity for other initiatives. Your IT departments can focus on matters other than the maintenance of supportive products.

What is happening?

Cloud enablement
Augmented analytics
Digital transformation
Customer retention
Internal optimization
Open banking

Why is it happening?

Evolving new revenue streams
Highly saturated market
Strict regulatory compliance
Attracting the next wave of customers
Established market distribution
High volume to be delivered in a short time frame
Talent growth and engagement

What are the objectives?

Leverage data to gain insights
Future-proof the business
Be innovation-driven
Enhance customer experiences
Stay compliant and secure

Areas Of Financial Services Focus

  • 01Automated Document Processing

    SoftServe's Offer

    Our AI-based Intelligent Document Processing solution enables enterprises to capture, classify, extract, enrich, process, or contextually understand information from unstructured data sources. Enterprises can then feed the output into a downstream application or another process. SoftServe's solution is customized for specific business requirements while leveraging the latest natural language processing advancements to deliver tailored features, including specific formats, layouts, languages, and volume.

  • 02Conversational AI
  • 03ESG Solution
  • 04Smart Financial Planner

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