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Case Study

Chris Mitchell, Head of Engineering at Wide Open Spaces


How to Successfully Implement Hybrid Cloud Solutions

With the hybrid cloud being a buzzing term, find out why this technological trend really matters.


Outsourcing: Been There, Done That, Didn’t Work Out

How to fix things falling apart working on an outsourcing project.

Case Study

Manual Penetration Testing for ContractPal

When an app specificity made an automated tool assessment ineffective, our Security team ensured a comprehensive analysis through manual penetration testing.


Designing Big Data Systems like a Pro

How to simulate the architecture design process and improve your Big Data skill-set in a fun way.


Step-by-step Guide to Developing Healthcare Mobile Solutions

From reference architecture and UI design to data security and regulatory compliancy, here is a detailed guideline to developing a mobile solution for healthcare.


Product Management in Outsourcing Business

What are the key roles & responsibilities for product manager in outsourcing?

Case Study

Team Productivity Improved by 80% for Web Security Solutions Provider

SoftServe’s Agile experts successfully applied rigorous performance optimization methodology to increase the Customer Portal team’s agility and efficiency.

Case Study

HMI Design, Business Logic & Development for a High-End Infotainment System and Telematics

HMI & applications development, verification & validation, as well as delivery and quality management, UI/UX and security capabilities for vehicle manufacturer.

Case Study

Innovative Real Estate Search Portal Homes in on Super-Fast Searches

A new, disruptive, channel-enabling solution which would let real estate businesses leverage cutting-edge technologies.

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