Financial Services

Bridging the Gap Between Legacy and Digital Finance

Our client—one of the leading banking groups in the Asia-Pacific region—was striving to differentiate its services by negotiating cooperation with several fintech and FSI partners. An existing legacy wealth management solution lacked the required flexibility and scalability to help.

SoftServe was retained to develop a flexible centralized platform capable of integrating various external investment, insurance, and pension services. Diversify offers, optimize costs, and increase customer engagement.

Our team designed a detailed vision for an API management platform to enable process standardization and integration capabilities, including:

  • New internal API
  • Connection points for different industry APIs
  • A separate data layer for the wealth management solution
  • Integration with the banking group’s core systems
API management platform

SoftServe implemented a data management layer to work with the API management layer, ensuring smooth synchronization between multiple vendors. Our cross-functional team provided timely product delivery in line with the client’s supporting marketing activities.

By leveraging SoftServe’s API and data management platform, the client now can:

  • Simplify integrations and operations processing
  • Fulfill collaborative initiatives with selected fintech and FSI partners
  • Optimize costs and increase customer engagement
  • Adopt a simplified path to designing new products

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