A Case for Digital Asset Management in Agencies

The agency business landscape has become increasingly disrupted over time by a number of industry factors. The concept of a traditional advertising agency planning large multichannel media campaigns, charging large fees for creative concepts, and reaping the benefits of commissions from large media buys, is a distant memory.

In this whitepaper, SoftServe VP of Digital Media Matt Kollmorgen, outlines the ways that agencies can and should implement digital asset management (DAM) to keep themselves current in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Readers will learn things such as:

  • Agency challenges: obstacles preventing agencies from reaching their full potential
  • Collaboration: how DAM is a foundational platform for digital transformation
  • The Business Case: implementing DAM through process efficiency, business agility, and relationship fostering

For agencies, clients are simply customers that embark on the journey of interacting with your various services and offerings. Learn in this whitepaper how DAM not only increases your business’s productivity, but also strengthens your client relationships.

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