Designing Big Data Systems like a Pro

This month SoftServe’s webinar series will be focusing on designing architecture for a complex Big Data Analytics System. We will have fun and learn how to play Smart Decisions Game.

The Game simulates agile architecture design process through a series of turns (interactions). It can be played individually or in a group of architects, and can be used for education purposes as well as for brainstorming when designing real-life solutions.

You will learn how to play Smart Decisions Game using a card deck, where each card represents either a Big Data architectural pattern or a particular Big Data technology. The completed system design will be the most effective combination of a series of patterns and technologies for solving real-life Big Data business needs.

SoftServe is proud to announce that SmartDecisions is now a component of the flagship Software Architecture Design and Analysis course at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University. The course is taught to experienced technical professionals and, occasionally, software development teams at large corporations.