Driving the Next Generation of Buy, Move, Sell

Our client is a multinational distribution business and market-leading construction specialist. They provide solutions and technical expertise to many large and small-scale projects across the UK - supplying both public and private sector developments.

Business Challenge

Businesses are struggling to handle their approach to pricing because of the amount of transactions and market share they have. Companies are unabl e to provide a quote within an hour, thus losing deals to competitors and leaving money on the table when attempting to provide the most competitive price.

As the global marketplace becomes ever more competitive:

  • Distributors struggle to adapt to the evolving omni-channel market
  • Supply chains are increasingly complex
  • Consumers are demanding more choices, faster fulfillment, and lower prices
  • Delays in order/account management are more costly

Our client needed to implement new ideas to drive its innovation agenda and implement a framework that would enable collaboration between partners, adding value to each step of the Buy, Move and Sell value chain. Ideas included loyalty schemes, credit options, multi-channel (including contact center), improve movement and delivery of stock between locations, disruption within the construction industry, and more.

Project Description

The client was initially intrigued by SoftServe’s expertise surrounding data science and data lakes and wanted to learn more about our innovative approaches. SoftServe sent the client details and provided a demonstration of our SoftServe Innovation Platform. The customer liked the approach and invited us to pitch our ideas at their Innovation Day.

SoftServe Innovation Platform is an end-to-end success framework for outside-in and crowd sourced ideation, market validated concept development, and commercialization.

“We introduced our innovation platform to their CTO as a repeatable framework that leverages SoftServe's 25 years of experience in delivering innovations,” said Alfie Murray, European Director at SoftServe. “Our SoftServe Innovation Platform is a repeatable platform to take ideas, iterate them, and move the best ones through to production--adding value for them with a true differentiator. SoftServe is here
to deliver results, and this platfo rm is a great way for our client to manage these ideas and help them deliver value by collecting and curating information.”

Through its SoftServe Innovation Platform, company organized an internal hackathon to tap the collective insight of its technology leaders, product managers, business analysts, subject matter experts, architects, and similar customers, as well as created a clickable prototype.

The output of the hackathon was an innovation agenda that addressed five key pain points for the customer:

Innovation Agenda

  1. Smart Price Calculator - Calculate the correct and competitive quote for every particular customer, either B2B or even B2C.
  2. Integration with BIM Solutions - Directly convert building specifications into the order. The system suggests products from the client’s inventory.
  3. eMarketplace - Enhance business operations for comprehensive order fulfillment.
  4. Automated Support - Model with the use of chatbots and on-line telephone solutions for customer support.
  5. Education Portal - Keep sales team, tech support, and client network up to date with new products, technologies, and solutions.

The client has now entered a proof-of-concept (PoC) contract with SoftServe and implementation is scheduled.

Value Delivered

SoftServe delivered innovative options for the customer company challenge that addressed improving our clients most important business processes—Buy, Move, and Sell. We applied our repeatable and scalable framework to generate ideas, a clickable prototype, and then validated the concept with a PoC implementation. The end-to-end process was completed in less than two months.

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