HMI Design, Business Logic & Development for a High-End Infotainment System and Telematics

The client is a leading automotive company specializing in telematics, infotainment, car connectivity and automotive safety. It offers a vast range of vehicle solutions designed to facilitate driver and passengers with unique media and communications abilities, as well as adjust any onboard computing system to ensure smooth road-side assistance, car location, and fleet management. Its innovative approach to car safety and intelligence revolutionizes the logistics industry.

Business Challenge

A leading vehicle manufacturer wanted to build a unique infotainment system for their future vehicle models. The key objectives included development, HMI screens, modules, infotainment themes, and telematics application for iOS and Android with full test coverage and time-to-market. The client was looking for an engineering partner who could successfully manage such activities as HMI & applications development, verification & validation along with strong program governance, delivery, and quality management, UI/US and security capabilities.

Project Description

As SoftServe possesses deep domain expertise and delivery excellence, the client trusted us to perform the following activities across the development lifecycle:

  • Business Analysis to identify gaps in HMI requirements
  • HMI design & application development around applications such as Navigation, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Audio/Radio, Media, Connection Manager, Messaging, Phone, Vehicle Functions, etc.
  • HMI screen development leveraging UI/UX expertise
  • Telematics solutions development for iOS and Android
  • Solution provided for OEM specific requirements with GENIVI Connection Manager
  • Worked on extensive set of tools used across Verification & Validation strategies for unit, functional and integration testing

In addition, the complexity of the engagement demanded multi-location development, periodic delivery reviews for achieving the above milestone and rigorous quality control.

As a result of the project, SoftServe delivered:

  • 300 + Features
  • 400+ HMI Screens
  • 15 Modules
  • 5 HMI Themes
  • 2 mobile application

Within this system, a user can create a profile on their smartphone synchronizing it with a range of presets including seats, mirrors, calendar, climate control, multimedia and navigation. This way a user may remotely control a car (alarm, door, engine, location, crash sensors, etc.) via web or a smartphone, schedule car service, send and receive emergency notifications, track driver’s condition, apply smart routing, etc.

Business Value

Being completed on time and on budget, SoftServe’s project resulted in the following benefits for the client:

  • High quality control with focus on tools and automation:
    • 100% reviewed artifacts
    • 100% coverage of critical use cases
    • Defects identified and revisited.
  • Verification & Validation Strategies
    • 100% traceability with respect to the requirements
  • Quick ramp up capabilities
    • SoftServe scaled up to 6 times its initial team within 3 months.

SoftServe’s robust delivery processes & well organized team structure helped achieve all the deliverables within the desired time.

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