Home Care Solution Upgraded to Meet Business Needs, Improve User Satisfaction

The client provides clinical, financial, connectivity, and information solutions for hospitals, physician practices, and post-acute organizations to enable a connected community of health. And offers software and services to more than 1,500 hospitals, more than 180,000 physician users, and 10,000 post-acute care organizations globally.

Business Challenge

The client’s central application—its home care solution—is a desktop solution that needed constant support and improvement in order to satisfy regul ations and address client feedback. Also, the client’s solution was not compatible with business needs that required using the application outside of the office. The current software included a field mode for laptops; however, it involved a long synchronization process and manual error handling after the end-user’s work day.

Project Description

The SoftServe team focused on two main projects. The first was to support the current solution and existing clients. The second addressed a mobile solution that would enable patient data collection outside of the office using on the fly synchronization. This involved step-by-step software development to give all users access to the mobile solution.

Value Received

As a result of the project, the client became a competitive player in the market by providing a convenient and useful mobile solution for skilled nurses, nurse practitioners, and other users. The solution decreased time for data transfer and synchronization. Additionally, since the legacy system is also supported, existing users can safely use the old software and flows until they are ready to migrate to the new solution.

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