How’s Salesforce Working For You?

Enterprises often have difficulty taking full advantage of the platform’s many features to achieve their goals. Such was the case with our client, a global commercial real estate company that provides flexible shared workspaces to companies ranging from technology startups to Fortune 500 companies.

The challenge to SoftServe? Unlock and deploy what our client really needed the most from Salesforce.


SoftServe configured and customized the Salesforce platform to deliver:

  • Approximately $1M per year in saved costs
  • A reduced learning curve for new team members
  • An intuitive interface for end users
  • A simplified platform offering easier upgrades and maintenance of new features

Several issues prevented our client from using Salesforce to fully optimize their sales process:

  • Loss of new customer data due to incorrect sales cloud configurations
  • Over-customization requiring expensive support and maintenance costs
  • Non-compliance with industry standards for continuous delivery

An optimized Salesforce platform offers key benefits for enterprises that want to accelerate their sales process:

  • Enhanced sales efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced support and maintenance costs
  • New continuous delivery technologies aligned with industry standards

Are you getting the most out of Salesforce?
Who is working to ensure optimal performance and return?
What would improving efficiency, interface, and engagement mean for your company?

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