Incident Forensics for a Software Development Company

The company offers software services to facili tate development work at all stages of the process as well as improve their customers' overall processes, increase quality, reduce time to delivery, and provide higher levels of predictability and stability.

Business Challenge

Our client experienced three security attacks within a short period of time. The company decided to conduct an independent 3rd-party incident investigation and discover how far the hackers got into the network and what sensitive data they might have accessed.

Project Description

The project was executed by a certified SoftServe Security Consultant and was completed within 2 weeks. All of the evidence including logs, command history, attacker malware, and memory state were carefully collected, structured and analyzed. All suspicious records were marked and attached to the report. An incident roadmap was created and recommendations for immediate actions were provided.

Value Delivered

As a result of the Incident forensics process, our client received comprehensive information on the vulnerabilities in their system that allowed unauthorized access that could be exploited by a malefactor. The project calculated the business impact and provided a course of action to prevent future attacks. It also protected our client`s assets through proper information security management implementation.

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