Innovative Real Estate Search Portal Homes in on Super-Fast Searches

Our client is the first site to combine simple, sophisticated property search with the most responsive and trusted, professional real estate services nationwide. Their network of real estate agents and loan consultants has been individually selected to ensure that customer needs are promptly met.

Business Challenge

Our client decided to invest in a completely new website which would merge MLS-like listings (for potential buyers) and Uber-like notification on leads (for brokers). A new, disruptive, channel-enabling solution which would let real estate businesses leverage cutting-edge technologies. The site also needed to be synchronized with listings provider ListHub so that together our client and ListHub could offer end users the best experience in the industry.

Project Description

SoftServe took on full responsibility for the entire product development including:

  • Architecture design of the application
  • UI/UX design of the website
  • Setup of servers and other Dev Ops activities
  • Development of the sync service and the website

Value Delivered

The cutting-edge, powerful, and scalable technology delivers outstanding functionality and user experience, enables vast amounts of data to be indexed, and an average search query to take less than 0.1 seconds. Users now have smart search capabilities, extensive filtering by a number of criteria and assistance via smart suggestions.

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