Performance Testing for Family Calendar App

Our client provides a chores and calendar app that helps families organize their calendar, to-do lists, allowance, and chores.

Business Challenge

Our client approached SoftServe with the need to improve product performance in the scope of GUI delays, identifying weak points, and verifying the scalability of its solution.

Specific business goals included:

  • Assess current solution performance
  • Identify potential performance problems and provide recommendations
  • Identify a performance baseline for comparison of the subsequent performance improvements
  • Verify response time and stability of the system under increasing user loads
  • Identify scalability of the solution and resources required for supporting 1000 simultaneous online users

Project Description

SoftServe performed the following steps for a test execution for our client:

  • Run script to populate data before load scenario execution
  • Always allow at least 5 minutes of quiet time before and after each load scenario execution
  • After each load scenario execution, a database creation SQL script was run to remove data modified by the JMeter scripts
  • A database table re-org was needed after each load scenario execution
  • Store test results for further comparison

Value Delivered

After performance improvements, the number of concurrent users on five instances was multiplied 30x, and the response time dropped from 15 to 0.5 seconds for most functions. The solution was also able to support vertical and horizontal scaling.

After receiving the insights from SoftServe on performance and scalability of the product, our client was prepared to make an appropriate and well-informed go-to-market decision.

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