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OCEAN5: Personalized Advertising Tool

Find out more about your buyer personalities, create personalized offers and increase your sales.


Demand Prediction—Inventory and Marketing Optimization System

Meet the challenges of 2019 and become an omni-channel retailer.

Case Study

E-commerce Solutions Consolidated Into One Magento-Based Platform

The client needed to optimize its operation and consulted with SoftServe to consolidate the e-commerce solutions into one Magento-based platform.


Best in the Business: Retail’s Autonomous Robots

Take a look at some of the robots disrupting retail.


Retail Robotics by the Numbers

Transform Retail with the power of Robotics.


The Automated Warehouse

Making space for retail robots.

Case Study

Magento Solution Optimized to Automate Routine Manual Work

Through the collaboration, SoftServe delivered a solution that helped our client surpass the previous year’s income in one month’s time.

Case Study

Android Rideshare Applications Implemented for Riders and Drivers

The client consulted with SoftServe to implement two Android applications for riders and drivers.


Retail Innovation to Increase Profitability

How innovation is increasing retail revenue.

Case Study

Oriflame Creates A Consistent Omni-Channel Digital Experience with Sitecore

The main purpose of the project was to help Oriflame expand and improve its Sitecore based online platform.

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