Security as a Service Product Evolves with Rebrand, New functionality and Integration

Our client develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware and other products related to the communication and information technology industry worldwide. Additionally, the company offers security products including cloud, email, endpoint, web, and network security; advanced malware protection; and next generation intrusion prevention systems.

Business Challenge

The client acquired a privately held company, a leading provider of web security as a service (SaaS) and integrated it into its security business unit. The client engaged with SoftServe to rebrand the SaaS solution, which was used by many leading brands. Following the successful product rebrand, the client consulted with SoftServe on additional projects including the development new functionality and the integration of the SaaS with its other security appliances.

Project Description

The complex integration project involved more than six geographically dispersed development teams and required following a formal process with detailed documentation. The AC/BC process was followed for each project and the requirements manager was responsible for creating the following documentation:

  • Business commit presentation
  • Agile communication
  • SRS or ARF document
  • Beta support documentation
  • FCS checklist

After the project was successfully implemented, the client product managerwith the support of SoftServe’s business analystissues customer facing communications to notify customers about changes or to announce new functionality.

The requirements manager role was essential in solving the number of new development and integration tasks:

  • Analyzing the business need for new functionality.
  • Analyzing existing solutions and justifying new developments
  • Conducting requirements elicitation with more than ten business stakeholders
  • Ensuring requirements were traceable.
  • Supporting development team throughout the product life cycle.
  • Identifying, communicating, and providing mitigation plans for integration risks.

Value Delivered

For more than two years, SoftServe worked with the client on product maintenance and development. During this time period the SoftServe team delivered four successful projects including rebranding, developing a built-in solution for customer facing communication, creating localization for the portal, and whitelisting functionality for ISR devices.

With the help of the requirements manager, SoftServe continued to improve the solution through its close collaboration with the client. Additionally, the involvement of the requirements manager resulted in a better understanding of the client’s business drivers that allowed new functionalities to be implemented within shorter periods of time at higher quality.

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