SoftServe Delivers Seamless Google Cloud Migration for Hallo Healthcare

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Hallo Healthcare Group (HHG) was acquired in late 2021. As part of the purchase agreement, HHG needed to quickly separate all infrastructure and establish their own Google Cloud environment.

HHG had to complete the project within 11 months. A separation agreement prevented HHG from using any company resources — data excluded. Requirements needed to be met in both stages of the project:

  • The building process: A new organization structure and resource hierarchy needed to be built in Google Cloud, specifically tailored for the core business application. This included robust features such as billing, security, and project resource management.
  • The separation process: The migration had to be completed on time, with minimal downtime and minimal impact on business operations. Performance and user experience needed to be maintained, and strong support needed to be provided during and after the separation.

It was critical to HHG’s operations that the migration to a new Google Cloud environment was seamless. With eight years as a trusted partner, they knew SoftServe could achieve this goal.

Google Cloud Migration


They realized access to the original McKesson Google Cloud environment would be limited. This added pressure to complete and check the migration in advance of the final deadline. Also, the high dependency on third-party solutions such as Citrix and Palo Alto required coordination. Finally, there were significant changes in the design during the implementation phase that had to be integrated into the project.

Even with challenges, the team still delivered.

  • Migrated the services that support 1,400 pharmacies to Google Cloud
  • Ensured HHG kept control of their data, safeguarding its integrity throughout the process
  • Delivered on time with support and maintenance

Learn how SoftServe ensured business as usual during the cloud migration.

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