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AI Enhancing Software Development

Leverage AI to create scalable coding.

Case Study

AWS Serverless Application Model Improves Cost Efficiency for Precision Exam’s Infrastructure

The client requested SoftServe to provide a prototype of a system, built on top of AWS Cloud, using the best-practices approach in architecture and managed AWS Services.


DXPs Grow SaaS Brands

Digital experience platforms (DXPs) are essential to software companies for improved personalization and customer experience (CX), at scale.


Innovate Software with Data Analytics

Big data analytics increases responsiveness to software on-demand customers.

Case Study

SoftServe Augments Innovation Platform to Support Google Cloud Platform Customers

The project-specific goal was to setup a new partnership model with cloud providers in order to extend the customer market of the Innovation Platform for GCP customers.


Enhance Software Development with Big Data Analytics

Leverage big data to create more impactful products.

Case Study

Blis Optimizes Cost Effectiveness and Cloud Experience through GCP Migration

To increase costs effectiveness and improve levels of support, our client needed to migrate their services and data to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Case Study

Performance Testing for Leading Smart Home Technology Provider

Our client approached SoftServe with a request to develop a performance testing framework that could easily be expanded for future performance testing initiatives.


Crowdsourcing: A Path to Talent Optimization

Leverage outside talent and ideas to improve and expedite business ramp up.

Case Study

Digital Survey for a Leading Smart Home Technology Provider

To reduce the required human interaction and provide a consistent customer experience, our client sought to implement a digital survey solution.

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