Technology Trends in 2016: Digital Transformation Today and Tomorrow

Technologically speaking, we’re living in exciting times fueled by an unprecedented rate of change and innovation. Today’s software users expect real-time access to meaningful data and an experience that is as intuitive as it is personalized.


It’s no longer enough to simply understand today’s most cutting edge technology; companies must now be able to combine emerging trends to stay ahead of the pack.

In this white paper, SoftServe tech experts weigh in on a number of development trends we believe are particularly important to the future of software development, including:

  • Cloud Application and DevOps
  • Data-Driven Security Systems
  • UX Design and Customer Experience
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Internet of Things

Now and in the near future, these topics will be responsible for driving new marketing opportunities and transforming the way we work and play. Understanding and leveraging the entire technology ecosystem is the key to surviving the next wave of digital disruption a nd staying relevant in the digital age.

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