Experience Design

Shape memorable interactions to create a lasting user experience.

Experience Design

Experience design plays an essential role in every SoftServe project. We believe no tool or technology can be effective without careful consideration given to the people who will use it. Our experience design services instill user empathy into the development process, creating digital micro-moments that together form a cohesive, positive brand identity.

Human Centered Experiences for a Digital Era

SoftServe’s design expertise goes beyond colors, layouts, and buttons. Our experience design process balances form with function, beginning with deep user analysis that facilitates actionable persona mapping. This investigation takes on many forms, from intense ideation workshops to user interviews, statistical analysis, and competitive research. Only when we truly understand our users can we build solutions that strengthen relationships, improve employee productivity, and increase customer loyalty. 


Experience design projects completed for Fortune 100 organizations and clients of “Big Four” consulting groups


Leadership team comprised of industry visionaries and respected lecturers passionate about the craft of design

We believe collaboration is the foundation of good design; our clients bring customer insights to the table while our senior designers facilitate ideation and our domain experts validate those ideas for technical feasibility. At SoftServe, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the questions that inform enterprise digital strategy. Our cooperative approach to design enables us to offer cutting-edge solutions that bridge the gap between the needs of the business and the needs of the user. 

Lean Design Paired with Technical Expertise

Inspired by a pedigree in the software development market, SoftServe’s design team uses a proprietary “fail forward” design approach based on lean methodology and agile thinking more commonly associated with technical experts and developers. This process offers structure to the creative process, allowing us to iterate quickly, discover hidden opportunities, and build creative solutions at breakneck speeds. 


Certified usability experts working alongside developers in all global locations with design headquarters in Austin, Texas


Proprietary “fail forward” approach that uses lean methodology and agile thinking to expedite the design process 

Our designers have access to a team of multidisciplinary technology experts, in many cases working alongside our developers on-site and taking part in major decisions to ensure the user remains a priority through implementation. From ideation to delivery, SoftServe designs end-to-end experiences that delight customers while meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients’ businesses.

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