Searching for a Single Customer View (SCV) in Banking


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SoftServe hosted a webinar in association with Shawbrook Bank, to delve into the considerations for searching and creating a Single Customer View (SCV) in banking. In this interactive digital event, we discussed:

  • How the current regulatory climate is resulting in banks focusing on a SCV to help provide compliance and drive greater business performance
  • Delved into the technical considerations to be aware of when creating a SCV in your bank
  • Explored recent research conducted alongside partners and looked a best practice use cases in the market

Learn how SoftServe builds solutions leveraging open source stack and enterprise ready-to-go solutions from the market, and ask questions or validate assumptions with a tech expert on your specific business challenge.

About Speakers:

Ihor Shkarupa

Ihor Shkarupa

Ihor Shkarupa is a Big Data Analytics Architect at SoftServe with over 14 years’ experience in data analysis, design, and implementation of business intelligence, data warehousing, and data processing solutions, and large-scale decision support systems. Ihor has the proven ability to turn organization historical data into business insights and ideas, with extensive expertise in establishing and implementing data models and data flows for different business domains.

Brendan Ellis

Brendan Ellis

Brendan Ellis is the Head of Data at Shawbrook Bank. He is a data and digital leader with a people focus who specializes in vision & strategy for business success. With experience across industries including Financial Services, Travel & Media, he brings a fresh approach to the world of data.

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