Continuity of Care with Cloud: Real-World Cases for the Healthcare Ecosystem


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In an industry lagging in digital transformation, healthcare systems and life science enterprises are beginning to shift attitudes to cloud adoption. Ongoing concerns about security, privacy, and an overall distrust in cloud storage and processing have created barriers for healthcare professionals to realize the potential benefits of the cloud.

Here, we explore the current landscape, taking real-world cases, and how healthcare and life science professionals can utilize the cloud for the future.



Ian Daniels

Ian Daniels, Healthcare Subject Matter Expert, SoftServe

Ian Daniels is an Account Executive who works with Healthcare Providers and Payers to innovate, apply technology to solve problems, and improve the patient and member experience. With over 38 years’ experience in healthcare, Ian has worked with United Healthcare, Optum, Humana, Cigna, Aetna, Baylor Scott & White, Houston Methodist, Johns Hopkins and other large health systems and payers. Ian has a BS Degree in Biology from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. He started his career on the clinical side as an Operating Room Tech., EMT-Paramedic and Respiratory Therapist.
Oleksandr Mykchalchuk

Oleksandr Mykchalchuk, Director of Cloud & DevOps Services, CoE Critical Services, SoftServe

Oleksandr is Director of Cloud & DevOps Services at SoftServe. With more than a decade of experience in IT, he now helps SoftServe and its client’s to prepare for the Future of DevOps & Cloud. His background includes titles as Senior Solutions Architect, AWS & GCP Certified Architect Professional.
Craig Badcock

Craig Badcock, VP Product Development, Fortified Health Security

Craig encompasses 25 years of Software Engineering building products across the healthcare spectrum that focus on accelerating, transforming and optimizing companies for growth. He currently serves as the head of product for Fortified Health.

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