Digital Innovation in Distributed Remote Teams


1 h


Panel Discussion,Presentation

This web conference showcased insights and an understanding how companies can fully leverage and implement innovation using remote delivery.

The new "digital first" reality brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic reveals the risks for teams associated with prolonged periods of distributed remote work. Businesses need innovation the most at this time, and are desperately looking for new ways to not only keep their pre-COVID pace of innovation, but also accelerate it in their pursuit of competitive advantage in the new emerging business realities.

When executed properly, practices like remote discovery workshops are far more scalable, powerful, and exponentially less expensive to execute. These digital native workshops enable collaboration beyond a span of local teams and empower companies to assemble a dream team of global experts—focusing investments on talent, not travel.

cionet softserve innovation in remote teams

SoftServe's CTO, Alex Chubay, and Semafona’s former CIO Ben Rafferty walk you through how their teams of battle-tested digital Centers of Excellence (CoEs) empower enterprise clients in their distributed digital innovation journeys.

About Speakers:

Alex Chubay

Alex Chubay

Alex is SoftServe’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO). He brings over two decades of engineering and leadership experience with a solid track record of transforming and scaling technology platforms and teams. In his role at SoftServe, Chubay leads the company’s technology vision to ensure the company provides the capabilities required for the future. He is championing the next phase of innovation and R&D at the cutting edge of technology for clients.

Ben Rafferty

Ben Rafferty

Ben is Semafone’s former CIO, where he headed up product innovation, new product development, and engaging new partners and technologies. Ben has over 15 years of experience delivering solutions and security programmes with a variety of technologies whilst providing leadership to dispersed technical teams. Throughout his career, he has worked with global enterprise organizations, such as SAP, Deloitte, Interflora and Odeon, as well as local and central government, UK Parliament, the NHS and all “Blue Light” services in the UK.

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