Reduce TCO & Improve Ops with Patient-First Automation


36 min



Healthcare leaders are incorporating automated intelligence capabilities to bridge legacy system gaps, reduce operational inefficiencies that may contribute to the estimated $1 trillion in wasteful repetitive tasks, and meet evolving business needs and demands to enable better digital experiences and health outcomes for their consumers.

This digital event will explain how to take a platform approach that allows your organization to unlock the power of artificial intelligence and realize quick returns on your investment.

Watch and discover how to integrate intelligent automation into your legacy systems to improve patient health outcomes, increase the impact of operations and employees, and drive improved operational efficiency and productivity.

Our speakers:

John Edwards

John Edwards, VP of Healthcare Consulting and Domain Solutions

With 30 years in consulting and operations roles in provider, payer and health tech companies, John helps his healthcare clients in the areas of strategy, product roadmap and operational efficiencies. Specializations include data warehousing, analytics, provider/payer alignment of incentives, population health and omnichannel customer experience.
Thomas Gardam

Thomas Gardam, AVP Low-Code Platforms

Tom leads SoftServe’s Low Code Platforms practice helping bring together SoftServe’s unmatched digital engineering know-how with the enormous potential of Low-Code platforms to rapidly automate some of the world's most complex business processing challenges. He brings more than 20 years’ experience developing, deploying, and integrating enterprise application development platforms into global organizations as part of their digital transformation strategy.
lurii Milovanov

lurii Milovanov, Data Science Practice Leader

Iurii Milovanov is a Data Science Practice Leader with more than 10 years of experience in building enterprise-level AI, big data and advanced analytics solutions. His computer science expertise and interests lie in cutting-edge technologies including modern, progressive IT, and artificial intelligence. He is an active contributor to research and scientific communities including KarooGP project, a genetic programming suite used at LIGO Lab for detecting gravitational-waves; SIMOC, an interactive model of a scalable, human community located on a remote planet; and DRLearner project, the first open-source implementation of Google’s Deep Reinforcement Learning (DQN) algorithm for playing ATARI games.

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