How to Transform Employee Wellbeing with Data-Backed Insights from Microsoft Viva


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Most business and HR leaders know that improving employee wellbeing is critical for success and important for companies to retain talent. Yet, the ability to identify, measure, and track factors that contribute to productivity and wellbeing can be difficult and create potential privacy issues.

Microsoft Viva Insights seek to simplify this process and provide the data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations that HR departments need.

Discover how Microsoft Viva Insights can track and improve meeting effectiveness, provide actionable steps to prioritize wellbeing, and address complex and unique business challenges through customized reports, all while ensuring privacy and data protection.


  • Microsoft Viva
    • Overview of Viva components
  • Microsoft Viva Advanced Insights (former Workplace Analytics)
    • Product features
    • Enriching data for analysis using HRM and CRM system data
    • Data depersonalization
    • Query builder
    • Integration with Pulse surveys
    • Data visualization with Power BI reports
  • Advanced Use Cases for Microsoft Viva Insights
    • Building a layoff predictive model with Azure Machine Learning Studio
    • Identifying problems using Azure Anomaly Detector
    • Creating training plans and projects to change corporate culture using analyzed data
    • Implementing a digital footprint analysis system with Microsoft Viva Insights
  • Recommendations and Useful Tips

Our speaker:

Katerina Chernevskaya, Senior Solutions Architect, SoftServe

Katerina Chernevskaya, Senior Solutions Architect, SoftServe

Katerina Chernevskaya is a Senior Solutions Architect in the Microsoft Low Code practice at SoftServe. As a former Microsoft employee, Katerina has more than 15 years of practical experience in developing solutions and implementing projects on a Microsoft platform.

In addition, Katerina is a Certified Microsoft Power Platform App Maker, Functional Consultant, Developer, Solutions Architect, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. She’s also spoken at numerous global events and serves as a mentor for Women in Tech hackathons.

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