VMC & AWS: Better Together


45 min



The cloud is a prerequisite for efficiency, speed, and scalability in the new normal enterprises face today. Expanding data center capabilities to the cloud—while avoiding major disruption to operations—is one step in the modernization journey.


In this digital event recorded on July 15, 2020—SoftServe’s Infrastructure Solution Architect, Ruslan Kusov, and AWS Solution Architect, Jay Vellore Sampathkumar, presented the positive enterprise impact that occurs when the hybrid, disaster recovery, containerization, and mobility capabilities of VMware Cloud are fully leveraged and backed by the power of AWS.

About Speakers:

Ruslan Kusov

Ruslan Kusov

Ruslan is an AWS Professional Solution Architect who leads research and onboarding of new cloud services and technologies for SoftServe’s Cloud/DevOps COE. He has more than 10 years experience as a System Administrator, Network Engineer, DevOps/SRE, and Cloud/Solutions Architect, and is a multi DevOps of the Year award winner. In his “spare” time, Ruslan mentors rising SRE Engineers through workshops and 1:1 sessions.
Jay Vellore Sampathkumar

Jay Vellore Sampathkumar

Jay is an AWS Senior Solution Architect focused on VMware Cloud on AWS. He helps partners and customers to migrate legacy data centers to the cloud and has extensive experience with architecting solutions in AWS, VMware & Oracle.

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