Why Amazon OpenSearch Service Is Your Best Migration Choice


34 min



Watch this webinar and learn about Amazon OpenSearch Service, we explain:

  • Why it’s a single source of truth for monitoring, managing, and optimizing your business-critical applications.
  • How the platform is superior for high-speed search experiences that improve user engagement and increase conversion rates.
  • How to use the platform for capturing log, trace, and metrics data to identify suspicious activity, anticipate critical system events, and conduct detailed root cause analysis.

In addition, see how a SoftServe customer migrated to Amazon OpenSearch Service and built a cost-effective, scalable strategy for their real-time log analysis. They now have a better understanding of the root cause of issues and the correlation between various time-based events.

Our speakers:

Rodion Myronov

Rodion Myronov, Principal Architect, AWS Data & Analytics Practice Lead

Rodion has almost 20 years of experience in data technologies.

Starting with FoxPro2.6 for DOS, he passed the classic data person way of MS SQL Server and Oracle developer, DBA, trainer, team leader and independent consultant. Outside of RDBMS world, he worked on Data Warehousing and ETL projects based on Redshift, Hadoop, Big Query and Netezza.

As an architect and consultant, Rodion participated in multiple engagements, including Data Lake and Data Warehouse systems design, assessments, complex migrations and data governance framework development. Rodion is currently managing AWS direction of Big Data & Analytics Center of Excellence in SoftServe.

Andriy Pyshchyk

Andriy Pyshchyk, Big Data Architect AWS, SoftServe

Andriy Pyshchyk is a prominent Big Data specialist who currently holds the position of Big Data Architect at SoftServe. Specializing in real-time analytics, Andriy has been designing and implementing streaming and enterprise search solutions since 2015. He is highly regarded in the industry and has been invited to speak at Harvard University, where he shares his knowledge and insights.
Francisco Gonzalez

Francisco Gonzalez, WW Partner Leader for Amazon OpenSearch Service at AWS

Francisco Gonzalez is the WW Partner Leader for Amazon OpenSearch Service at AWS, where he builds go-to-market strategic plans for partners. He is a book author and presents at large conferences on relational databases, business intelligence, and AI. He completed a Master's in AI from the University of Murcia, Spain, and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Before joining AWS, Francisco was a Microsoft SQL Server MVP and led a data consulting firm.
Kalyan Kumar Neelampudi

Kalyan Kumar Neelampudi, Specialist Partner Solution Architect (Data & Analytics) at AWS

Kalyan Kumar Neelampudi (KK) is a Specialist Partner Solution Architect (Data & Analytics) at AWS. He acts as a technical advisor and collaborates with various AWS partners to design, implement and build practices around Data & Analytics workloads. He also has a long history of working with AWS customers to solve complex analytical (Datawarehouse, Data lakes, BI, ETL, Streaming & Log Analytics) problems and build architectures on AWS to support their journey on to the cloud. Outside of work, he plays badminton and loves to do adventure travel.

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