by  Volodymyr Semenyshyn

A 30-Year History of Software Development

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A lot has changed in the last 30 years. The principle of quality software developers has not

Thirty years ago, SoftServe consisted of just three Ph.D. students in Lviv with backgrounds in software development. Since then, much has changed. From Agile methodology and edge containers to Generative AI and quantum computing, the tools for robust software development have expanded — fundamentally expanding the possibilities of digital technology.

Yet as the world has changed, one principle has remained consistent — high-quality software engineers are the key to quality software engineering. And what guarantees high-quality software engineers? A culture of learning.

By adhering to this principle for three decades, SoftServe has expanded to more than 12,000 associates worldwide. As we continue to evolve, we’ve doubled down on that legacy to continue our history of delivering value for our clients through reliable, innovative software development. And as new, exciting tools like Generative AI continue to change the IT landscape, the bedrock of adaptability and learning will become ever more important.

Over 30 years we’ve learned a lot. Read on to find out how SoftServe’s dedication to learning has served our clients — and how it will continue doing so.

A history of learning

Coming from an academic background, learning is built into SoftServe’s DNA. Through SoftServe University, our learning hub to boost our associates’ managerial and IT skills, as well as our People Excellence (PeEx) professional development platform, our IT experts explore new development methods and technologies throughout their career.

It all starts from day one. Rapid onboarding for software engineers requires exhaustive documentation and access to the best practices to reduce the time-to-productivity of the new hires. Backed by a wealth of information at their fingertips, engineers find themselves empowered to engage with the more complex aspects of coding and innovative methods that deliver real value.

Business value

What does that mean for our clients? Irrespective of their projects, their results benefit from high-quality user experience, robust operational processes, and unique products.

Whether it means deploying a combination of big-data analytics, IoT-enabled sensors, and cameras for industrial worker assistance, structured light technology for automated 3D scanning, or AI and metaverse to develop an automated vertical farming solution — collaboration and adaptability are key to leveraging groundbreaking technologies to create real value. In addition to delivering high-quality user experience, robust operational processes, and unique products, we also embrace open innovation, a collaborative approach that plays to the strengths of all companies involved and can produce creative, unexpected solutions. Through our Open Eyes and Open Tech programs, we support and partner with startups, universities, and NGOs that share our vision of transforming the world with technology.

That collaboration gives our clients access to novel and emerging technologies before they hit the mainstream. With high-impact capabilities to open new use cases and amplify their differentiation — sometimes years ahead of their competitors — our clients stay ahead of the curve and enjoy the returns of early-adopter status.

Gen AI

By thriving on continuous improvement and ongoing learning, SoftServe’s engineers help clients get past the hype surrounding new technologies to access their true potential. Nowhere is this more evident than with Gen AI.

Gen AI already powers many of SoftServe’s technology solutions by streamlining internal processes, automating repetitive tasks, and creating innovative products, services, and customer experiences. It is also redefining the economics of software development. In fact, a recent study conducted with more than 1,000 SoftServe associates found a 42% increase in software development outcomes using Gen AI.

Onwards and upwards

No matter what new engineering tools reach the market, the quality of what you build will depend on the quality of your engineers. And nothing guarantees quality engineers like a culture of learning.

SoftServe's journey over the last 30 years has been a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation. Our engineers’ expertise with the full spectrum of development technologies and methodologies — including Gen AI — gives you the ability to stay ahead of industry trends and build top-notch solutions.

Recently, our dedication to reliable innovation has earned a particularly exciting accolade — SoftServe was recognized as a Challenger in the November 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Custom Software Development Services, Worldwide.

So, if you are looking for engineering services that can grow with and for your company.