By Rich HerringtonOct 07, 2019

Payers Pave the Consumer Path

Delivering a positive experience at each step of the member journey.

By Rich HerringtonSep 02, 2019

Four Health Innovation Challenges

And how to overcome them

By Alexander AmelinAug 22, 2019

Effect of Personalized Medicine on the Pharma Supply Chain

As the FDA approves personalized drugs, the pharmaceutical supply chain must transform to meet the demand.

By Alexander AmelinJul 29, 2019

Six Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Innovations

…and how pharmaceutical companies can implement them now.

By Rich HerringtonMay 28, 2019

Software Accelerators for Patient-Centric Healthcare

Accelerators allow healthcare companies to optimize test subject acceptance workflows, surveys, forms, and data requirement evaluations.

By Rich HerringtonMay 21, 2019

Increasing Response Rates Through Intuitive Surveys

Increasing survey submission rates by participants through experience design.

By Alexa SaltzmanApr 30, 2019

South by Southwest 2019 Review—Healthcare Spotlight

Four main discussion points led the healthcare panels at this year’s SXSW Conference.

By Rich HerringtonApr 25, 2019

The Future of EHR Differentiation

Why electronic health record (EHR) vendors should prepare for pharmacogenetics.

By Pavlo Marechko, Zoriana DoshnaApr 23, 2019
HealthcareIoT, VR, AR, XR, AI & MLR&D

Precision Medicine: Speeding The Go-To-Market Strategy

As healthcare becomes ever more personal to the patient, future precision treatments will pave the landscape for advancements in care.

By Rich HerringtonMar 21, 2019

Here’s to Your (Data) Health

How blockchain plays a (de)central role to transforming data in healthcare.