by  Roman Pavlyuk

Six Steps to Improving IT Operational Efficiency

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Have you ever wondered if your IT operations are well optimized and work to the fullest? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to improve IT operational efficiency in order to expand into new markets, reduce expenses, and increase margins.

In order to assure a steady growth of a client base and cover more business segments, technology enterprises actively offer their software products as a service making them available for a large number of clients. However, when it comes to Service Level Agreement (SLA) execution, companies may face obstacles trying to deliver more features in shorter periods of time, namely:

  • Lack of speed to market product delivery solutions
  • Non-Agile Infrastructure Management approach
  • Lack of measured IT Operational Efficiency
  • Absence of the “Best Practice” operation approach
  • Lack of communication or disconnection between Development and Operations organizations.

To expand into new markets, reduce overhead expenses, and increase margins, use this step-by-step guide to resolving these challenges in the most efficient way.

Figure 4. Implementation roadmap defined during the Stage 3 and followed on the Stage 5

Step 6: Maintain the Solution

Software products are continuously being enriched with features so the operations process needs to stay in line with the products.

By following this 6-step process, you`ll easily make sure your IT operations are optimized and work to the fullest.