by  SoftServe Team

Unlocking AWS Potential: Case Study

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Still questioning benefits of the cloud? Here is a real life business case showing how migrating your existing applications to the AWS Cloud might help your company achieve its business and technical goals, regardless of the market you operate in.


Value Delivered

In September 2015, Avery released its new print-for-you service. Revenues in the first year exceeded one million dollars with a second million in revenue only six months later. Combined with its many other products, the application serves over 100,000 daily visitors with 30 million “prints” each year.

Utilizing the vast potential of AWS, SoftServe was able to architect a solution to meet all Avery’s needs. Avery’s consumers can print directly from the website or have Avery print and deliver. Consumers can also save their designs online and then move their designs between a variety of Avery products and services.

This solution has significantly reinforced Avery’s market competitiveness by providing a more robust, yet simpler way for end users to create and print their designs compared to other solutions in the market.

In addition, it has allowed Avery to expand its services into market segments it could have never rea ched before, in particular professional product packaging, industrial labeling, bumper stickers and even election materials.

Avery values the role SoftServe played in delivering the Design & Print Online software. Their implementation of AWS services has resulted in many significant benefits including:

  • Rapid delivery of new online products and services allowing Avery to reach new markets
  • Resources shifted away from ongoing hardware maintenance and redundant operational tasks
  • Robust infrastructure leveraging many AWS services like Route 53, EC2, S3, RDS, IAM, etc.
  • Dramatic increase in overall system performance, resilience and reliability
  • A combining software/infrastructure architecture eliminating incompatibly and continued fixes
  • Automated scaling and load balancing to meet growing demand placed on Avery’s online services
  • Hot deployment procedures which require in little or no downtime guaranteeing 24/7 up-time
  • All of this while achieving more then a 60% reduction in our infrastructure cost

“SoftServe continues to be a valuable partner to Avery and has enabled us to bring much needed enhancements in rapid succession to our Design & Print Online application. Their methodologies and understanding of AWS services has allowed us to grow our online business and stay ahead of the competition,” said Phillip McGee, Senior Software Solutions Manager, Avery Products Corporation.