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SoftServe Launches Generative AI Lab

Specialized lab expands SoftServe’s AI/ML capabilities to accelerate Generative AI value discovery and real-world adoption

AUSTIN, Texas (Aug. 29, 2023)SoftServe, a premier IT consulting and digital services provider, today announced the launch of its Generative AI Lab to help enterprises achieve tangible business results with the successful implementation of Generative AI solutions. The new lab expands SoftServe’s AI/ML capabilities with advanced generative model research and development in multimodal AI applications, as well as a dedicated team of experts to harness and accelerate the transformative power of Generative AI from discovery to real-world adoption.

"Unlike other areas with more developed and mature best practices, Generative AI stands out with its novelty and emergent properties unveiling not just technological innovations, but also groundbreaking use cases that may redefine business strategies,” said Alex Chubay, SoftServe’s Chief Technology Officer. “The pace of innovation here is staggering, often overwhelming businesses with new advancements released weekly. This is where the Generative AI Lab shines. It's not just a hub for rapid experimentation, value discovery, and solution engineering with the latest techniques and technologies. It's a conduit for channeling this explosive innovation directly to our clients."

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SoftServe’s Generative AI Lab will support R&D efforts in several pivotal areas, including model fine-tuning and domain adaptation, multimodal Generative AI, cost-performance optimization, operational management (LLMOps), and more. Fusing multiple emerging technologies and approaches in these focus areas will produce pioneering use cases across industries. With these research priorities meticulously aligned with SoftServe’s client needs and strategies, the expertise and assets generated within the lab will find their organic way into real-world business scenarios, ensuring practical and impactful adoption.

“To move forward, we must be strategic about implementation,” said Iurii Milovanov, SoftServe’s AVP of AI & Data Science. “This is where a pragmatic approach becomes critical to proving these once-hypothetical possibilities can make real impacts across various business functions and industries.”

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SoftServe’s three Generative AI offerings include:

  • AI Discovery – The initial discovery phase guides clients through the intricacies of the Generative AI landscape, revealing and validating its potential impact and feasibility within their organizations.
  • AI Launchpad – The launchpad program enables rapid experimentation and evidence-based exploration of new use cases through a Generative AI sandbox, which enables users to scout, validate, and test deployment.
  • AI Adoption – The final offering helps clients rapidly scale their Generative AI solutions across the whole enterprise with initiative road mapping, AI governance, technology and data strategies, as well as full AI solution development and adoption in engineering teams.

SoftServe’s Generative AI Lab uses tools and technology platforms in partnership with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and NVIDIA. The results-oriented practice applies successful use cases and an assessment framework established to make Generative AI a cross-industry, business reality.

Visit this webpage to learn more about SoftServe's Generative AI solutions and capabilities.    

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